Overview: The HeartDecision project is a collaboration between:

    • University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health Division of Cardiovascular Medicine
    • University of Wisconsin Department of Family Medicine
    • The Systems Engineering Initiative for Patient Safety (SEIPS)

Aims: This project identified barriers and facilitators to the use of Computer Decision Support Tools (CDSTs). with emphasis on “HeartDecision“, a cardiovascular disease risk assessment CDST.

Funding: University of Wisconsin-Madison School of Medicine and Public Health Department of Medicine

Principle Investigator
Jonathan G. Keevil, MD, FACC
Associate Professor, Cardiology
School of Medicine and Public Health
University of Wisconsin-Madison

CQPI Research Team Member
Peter Hoonakker, PhD
Research Scientist, Associate Director of Research
Center for Quality and Productivity Improvement
University of Wisconsin-Madison

CQPI Graduate Student Team Member
Adjhaporn Khunlertkit, PhD (former doctoral student)


Hoonakker, P., Khunlertkit, A., Tattersall, M., & Keevil, J. (2012). Computer decision support tools in primary care. Work,41 (2), 4474-4478. PMCID: PMC3642990