Computerized Provider Order Entry in ICUs

3 Month Post-Implementation Questionnaire
12 Month Post-Implementation Questionnaire - Physicians
12 Month Post-Implementation Questionnaire - Nurses
Usability Evaluation Planning Document
Heuristic Evaluation Definitions and Data Collection Worksheet
Heuristic Evaluation Script
Specifications, Script, Data, Collection Tool for eMAR Usability Testing Evaluation
Slide presentation - Usability Principles and Methods
Slide presentation - Scenario-based Usability Evaluations

Health IT and Practice Redesign

Interview Guide for Clinicians and Office Staff
Clinician and Office Staff Survey
Pre-Visit Questionnaire
Patient Interview Guide

Keystone Beacon Community

Baseline Health Information Exchange Questionnaire - Clinicians
Beacon Care Manager Survey
Beacon Clinician Questionnaire
Care Manager Questionnaire
Care Manager and Clinician Questionnaire
KBC Process Evaluation Questionnaire
Patient Satisfaction with Hospital Care Questionnaire
Case Manager Observation Guide
KBC MMA's Interview/Observation Guide
Care Coordination Interview Guide - Case Managers
Care Coordination Interview Guide - Others
Case Manager Interview Guide
Case Manager Final Interview Guide
KBC Management Team Interview Guide
Patient Satisfaction with KBC Care Management Interview Guide
KBC Care Manager Focus Groups Process
Patient Focus Group

Mychart Bedside

Parent Survey
MCB Pre-Implementation Survey
MCB Post-Implementation Survey

Nursing Work Obstacles

Performance Obstacles of ICU Nurses Questionnaire

Pediatric Family Centered Rounds

Children's Hospital Safety Climate Questionnaire
Family-Centered Rounds Toolkit


Instructions for Nurses and MAs
Patient Scenarios to be used during training sessions
Physician Overview of the Patient Overview Process
Teamwork-Huddle Training
Training Evaluation

Patient Overview Document
Patient Overview Document with Sample Questions and Cues

Smart IV Pump Implementation

BCMA Observation Form
Pre-Implementation Pump Observation Guide
Post-Implementation Pump Observation Guide
Post-Pump Observation Interview Guide 
Usability Testing Script & Data Collection Guide  
Usability Testing Questionnaire - Anesthesiology
Usability Testing Questionnaire - Nursing 
Pre-Implementation Questionnaire 
3 Months Post-Implementation Questionnaire 
One Year Post-Implementation Questionnaire 
Team Evaluation Interview Guide 

Virtual ICU

Tele - ICU Characteristics Survey
Tele - ICU Observation & Interview Guide
Tele - ICU Manager Interview Guide
Tele - ICU Nurse Interview Guide
Tele - ICU Questionnaire

VTE and Health IT

VTE Prophylaxis Risk Assessment Tool Survey
Multidisciplinary Rounds Observation Tool
VTE Prophylaxis - Interview Guide

Human Factors in Computer & Information Security

Pilot Study Questionnaire
Explanation of Topics in Questionnaire

Paths to Retention & Turnover in the IT Workforce

Full Length Version of Questionnaire
Shortened Version of Questionnaire
Comparison of Initial & Revised Questionnaire